DIY Whitening Tooth Recipe

Qwinn Treatment - If you want to have teeth that are whiter, clean and well groomed, let's do dental treatment with natural ingredients of lemon and ladies salt. Quoted from the page, the nutrients contained in the lemon salt is also very good at fixing the problem of yellow teeth. Nutrition contained in it also powerful whiten teeth in an instant.

Like how to care for teeth to be more white with lemon and salt? Check out the following. Here DIY Whitening Tooth Recipe.

Set it up
👉 1 lemon
👉 1 tsp fine salt

👉 How to make 👈
🍒 Squeeze lemon juice, strain and mix with salt.
🍒 Make sure salt dissolves well into lemon water.
🍒 Use this lemon and salt mixture as a toothpaste.
🍒 Brush your teeth gently and evenly for about 5 minutes.
🍒 If you have, rinse with water until clean.
🍒 Next, brush your teeth back using regular toothpaste that you use everyday, gargle-rinse until clean.

This simple way, you not only get clean and white teeth ladies only. Furthermore, you can …

Treat Pain Herbal Drinks Cough with Lemon & Honey

Qwinn Treatment - If you or your family suffering from coughs and runny nose, try not to take drugs directly from ladies chemicals. Try to treat it by drinking herbal medicine cough and break enough. Launched from the page, there are many natural ingredients that can be used for cough medicine. Some of them are lemon and honey.
Nutrients contained in these two natural ingredients boost immunity, killing bacteria that cause coughs and colds and treat dizziness. How to make this drink for cough medicine? Check out the following.

Herbal Drinks Cough with Lemon & Honey

🍹 1 lemon (take the water)
🍹 1 segment of ginger (crushing)
🍹 Honey (to taste, about 7 to 8 tbsp)
🍹 1 cup water

How to make
Boil water with ginger until boiling. Put lemon and honey water into it. Mix well until all ingredients are mixed together. Cook back with a small fire to boil. Pour into a serving glass and wait until warm. Drink while still warm for cough and cold.
Drink this herb at l…

Vitamin D To Prevent Alzheimer's Risk

Qwinn Treatment - When the body lacks vitamin D intake, this can increase the risk of dementia or Alzheimer's. The researchers mentioned that people who lack vitamin D in their bodies, they are very likely to have problems of dementia or Alzheimer's. Not only that, the lack of vitamin D intake can also reduce brain intelligence, reduce the level of focus and increase the risk of stress and depression.

Researchers reveal if vitamin D is essential for bone metabolism, calcium absorption and brain health. Regarding vitamin D itself, generally we can get it from morning sun exposure. It can also be obtained from a variety of everyday foods such as eggs, mushrooms, milk, legumes and citrus fruits.
Dr. Dr. David Llewellyn, a researcher in the United States, said: "Our clinical trial found that vitamin D is closely related to brain health, especially related to dementia or Alzheimer's, it is important to meet the daily needs of vitamin D in order to avoid the risk of dementia…

4 Amazing Benefits of Sports Squats on a Female Body

Qwinn Treatment - Ever heard of squat sports? Sports this one is quite easy to do, do not need a special piece and can be done anywhere. And it turns out this simple sport also has a number of tremendous benefits.
As quoted from, squat movements can burn calories in the area of thighs, calves, and hips. Doing a squat for 15 minutes can help burn about 200 calories in the body. In addition to burning calories, squat movements can also provide a number of extraordinary benefits in the female body. Let's talk one by one here.

👉 Reduce the Risk of Injury
Squat movements can increase muscle strength of the lower body, ligaments and tissues. This movement can also help increase flexibility and balance. With squat training, the risk of leg injury will be reduced because of well-trained muscle flexibility. So you can move more comfortably.

👉 Increase Metabolism
Squats can create an anabolic environment to build muscle. It can also trigger the release of growth hormone to in…

Breakfast Diet With Rainbow Smoothies Recipes

Qwinn Treatment - It does not take much material and big effort to get a fruit that is capable of filling the stomach or serves as a substitute for your regular carbohydrates.
But of course you also have to get used to this. Based on, there are some smoothies recipes that you can try yourself at home as your healthy diet menu.

1. Smoothies Strawberry Soft Banana

🌼 3 tablespoons greek yogurt (thick white yogurt)
🌼 ½ fruit mango 1 banana frozen fruit
🌼 5-6 pieces of almonds (can be replaced with almond jam)
🌼 2 blocks of ice cubes Blend all ingredients and drink in the morning.
Mango and bananas are rich in carbohydrates and fiber will very well prop the stomach in the morning as breakfast. If Ladies are still not accustomed to just breakfast with a smoothie like this, no problem, you can add one egg or a piece of whole wheat bread. It is estimated there are about 350 calories in the smooties with the fulfillment of nutrients such as carbohydra…

Anti Fat Lunch? Try This Menu!

Qwinn Treatment - Lunch is a must-do moment to have a healthy body as well as awake. But not infrequently because tired of working from morning until noon, making someone eat with food potluck even that contain high fat. For those of you who want to eat delicious and nutritious ready as well as good for the continuity of the diet, quoted from are 4 types of food that can be tried every day.

Anti Fat Lunch Try This Menu!

🍥 Bake Salmon
Fish contains a lot of omega 3 and nutrients that have a delicious flavor is also delicious. Grilled salmon can be a delicious lunch. Add vegetables and tomato sauce and chili sauce for a more solid taste on the tongue.

🍲 Kimchi Salad
If you are bored with fruit salad and also vegetable salad. Delicious lunch you can get from kimchi salad. The spicy, savory and sweet taste of Kimchi is perfect for your tongue at lunch time. Add vegetable spinach, cucumber, grated carrots, brown rice rice as a tray of Kimchi salad. This one-day lunch is low in…

4 Vegetables Can Help The Body Be Healthier Away From All Risks of Illness

Qwinn Treatment - In addition to regular exercise, eating foods that are high nutritious, drink enough water and have enough rest, some other things you really need to do in order to get a healthy body.
And it is one of them is the consumption of some foods from certain plants. Reported from page, here are some plants that can improve your health and wellness.

🌿 Asparagus
Asparagus is one plant that has many important nutrients for the body. Asparagus is believed to have compounds such as anti-inflammatory, detoxification, carcinogens and some other nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron and selenium. Because of this many nutrients, asparagus is said to be an excellent plant and vegetable in maintaining your health and wellness with your family.

🌿 Basil leave
Basil leaf is known as a leaf that has a distinctive aroma. Because of this peculiarity, basil is also often used as a vegetable and aroma to cook vegetables spi…