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7 These Foods Can Help You Longevity, Let's Consume Routine!

Qwinn Treatment - Quoted from the page, to have a long age or long life is not a difficult matter. As long as we want to apply a healthy lifestyle, enough water consumption, avoid bad habits of smoking, excessive junk food consumption, the use of drugs and stress or depression is believed to help us age.
Consumption of some foods that can indeed help longevity is a way that can be tried next. There are some healthy foods that can help longevity and importantly consumed daily. What are the foods? Check out the following.

💖 7 These Foods Can Help You Longevity 💖

🐼 Green vegetable
The first food that can help longevity is green vegetables. Nutrition contained in green vegetables are believed to be healthy physical and psychological. This food is also low in fat so it is good for health. Antioxidants in green vegetables are even believed to prevent the risk of various diseases that want to attack the body.

🐼 Almond
The second food that is believed to help us longevity is al…

4 Healthy Habits that Benefit You Will Pick in the Future

Qwinn Treatment - Maybe when you are young you do not feel the importance of maintaining health, because your body is in a healthy phase, even if you eat haphazardly or have a bad lifestyle.
But by getting used to some healthy habits, do you know that your body will thank you in the future? Here are some healthy habits that you will not regret in your old age.

💖 4 Healthy Habits that Benefit You Will Pick in the Future 💖

🐼 Sleep early
The body needs rest and repair and it is done at night. Sleep is the ideal break time, and interrupt the process will only damage metabolism, make you sick easily, grow older and at risk of heart disease. Sleep 7-9 hours of nighttime. It does not matter if you have to be ridiculed for sleeping rich with elementary school children, but you will benefit in the future.

🐼 Always actively move the body
Do not have to exercise every day, as long as your body is always moving actively every day, not sitting all day, can help reduce the risk of diabetes, hear…

5 Healthy Benefits of Cabbage Juice Consumption, Dare to Try?

Qwinn Treatment - Vegetable cabbage is a healthy vegetable that can be processed into a variety of delicious and evocative cuisine. But, have you ever thought that vegetable cabbage can be made juice and recommended to be drunk directly? What comes to mind when you hear about cabbage juice? Can you imagine how it feels?
Indeed, cabbage juice has a taste that is less acceptable to our tongue. Just do not get the wrong ladies, cabbage juice is consumed regularly every day has a myriad of healthy benefits for the body. Quoted from the page, there are some healthy benefits from the consumption of cabbage juice. What are the benefits? Check out the following.

5 Healthy Benefits of Cabbage Juice

🌼 Sharpen the Sight
Not only vegetable carrots are beneficial for eye health. Cabbage vegetables are good for eye health. Consumption of cabbage juice is believed to sharpen vision, prevent the risk of eye pain and is good for regenerating the macula and other parts of the eye.

🌼 Increa…

Broccoli, Healthy Vegetables Help Stabilize Blood Sugar Diabetes Patients

Qwinn Treatment - Broccoli is a vegetable that not only has good taste but is also very healthy and rich in benefits. Recent research conducted by researchers in the United States even mentioned that the compounds contained in broccoli vegetables can stabilize blood sugar in the body very well.
Interestingly again, the nutrients and vitamins contained in broccoli beneficial to minimize the risk of kidney damage. Broccoli, Healthy Vegetables Help Stabilize Blood Sugar Diabetes Patients
Broccoli is known as a vegetable with the content of metformin also sulforaphane is believed to boost the immune system and prevent various diseases attack the body.
In a study by scientists, trials on mice showed that some compounds contained in broccoli vegetables slowly but surely can reduce the production of glucose in the body. Annika Axelsson, a scientist from Lundi University in Sweden, said that if not only reduce and manage glucose, active compounds in broccoli vegetables also serves to maintain…

5 Types Of Foods To Prevent Depression

Qwinn Treatment - Too many activities, meeting with many people and facing the pressure of work, surely makes anyone vulnerable to stress and even depression. Must not experience physical pain, but mentally, people who experience acute stress to depression is not healthy.
Therefore, if it is realized from the beginning that stress can cause depression and can be very dangerous to health, it is better if you start eating a lot of the following foods.

5 Types Of Foods To Prevent Depression

🌼 Fish
The content of omega-3 fatty acids in fish is very helpful to reduce symptoms of depression. In one study even demonstrated that taking EPA supplements or fish oil is equivalent to taking anti-depressant drugs. Fish such as tuna, salmon, sardines, and anchovies or other latin fish contain more omega-3 fatty acids.

🌼 Eggs and Mushrooms
Foods high in vitamin D such as eggs and mushrooms greatly help reduce stress and prevent depression. Vitamin D is indispensable because as the catalyst reacts wit…

10 These Stress Signs Will Happen To Your Body

Qwinn Treatment - Everyone must have experienced stress. But not many know that sometimes it makes the body undergo many changes irregularly. Doctors say stress can cause several different symptoms.

10 These Stress Signs Will Happen To Your Body:

1. Skin disease
Skin diseases such as psoriasis, acne, skin inflammation and others can be caused by stress.

2. Weight Gain Up and Down
Stress can also affect a person's weight. It turns out that stress levels can increase the production of the hormone cortisol. If too many cortisol hormones are produced, it can trigger an increased appetite and make the body burn less calories.
However, sometimes stress and anxiety can also make a person lose weight quickly because of increased levels of adrenaline in the blood.

3. Often Feels Cool
If a person experiences chronic stress, the immune system becomes less sensitive to cortisol, which results in more serious inflammation. So sometimes feeling cold is not only because of the weather but also the l…

Top 5 Worst Foods for Heart Health

Qwinn Treatment - Want to keep your heart and circulatory system healthy now and in the future?
Avoid these foods and drinks in daily life. If you want to taste it, may just occasionally consume. Keep in mind the portion and not often.

So these are Top 5 Worst Foods for Heart Health

1. Fast-food burgers
Avoiding fast food restaurants especially those using low-quality ingredients and unhealthy cooking methods is a wise way to maintain heart health.

2. Meat preserved
Meat such as bacon and sausage is a source of high saturated fats. Even the low-fat types are actually richer in salt. "The majority of people should go on a low-salt diet because sodium tends to make high blood pressure," says Dr. Laxmi Mehta, director of the women's heart health program at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

3. Frying
Several studies have successfully linked fried foods such as french fries, fried chicken and other fried foods to an increased risk of heart disease.

4. Pizza meat lovers

Heard About Juice Therapy? Cancer Cells Can Be Destroyed By This Way

Qwinn Treatment - In the early stages, the cancer is still quite easy to handle and can be prevented by natural treatments. Naturopathy treatment system, for example.
This one herbal treatment utilize the benefits of fruits and vegetables to treat various diseases. Besides not cause side effects.
Then, why juice can actually destroy cancer cells? Cancer patients usually have to pass a series of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation that actually slow down the strength and the immune system.
To increase the immune, the body needs natural nutrients from fruits and vegetables that serve to remove elements of toxins. Moreover, the intake of beta carotene contained in red fruit and vegetables can inhibit the growth of cancer.

Talk about juice therapy, this treatment seems to require a smoothing process on the fruit or taken part juice only. However, most people are wrong in choosing a tool so as to make the vitamin content in the juice is not absorbed at all.
Better puree the fruit by using…

Strawberry and Cucumber Water, Healthy Weight Loss Drink

Qwinn Treatment - As we know, there are plenty of detox foods and drinks that can make the body healthy and the fat in it can burn properly so as not to cause obesity.
Talk about drinks that can lose weight, quoted from the page, there are healthy drinks that we can make yourself at home in order to lose weight. Not only lose weight, this drink is also good for skin beauty, improve memory capacity of the brain and blood circulation.

How to make Strawberry & Cucumber Weight Loss Drink

⇒ 1 cucumber fruit
⇒ 7 strawberries
⇒ 9 mint leaves
⇒ A pinch of salt
⇒ 3 glasses of water

The trick is:
➤ Slice thin cucumber fruit or strawberry fruit.
➤ Also prepare mint leaves and salt. Puree both the material and strain the water.
➤ Put all ingredients into the water provided. It is recommended that we put it in a glass bottle.
➤ Put it in the refrigerator to make it fresher before serving.
➤ Strawberry and cucumber water was ready to be served and ready to be used as …

Weight Loss Up to 7kg A Month With This Onion

Qwinn Treatment - The issue about losing weight is still a topic that is often discussed by women. A slim body will definitely make the women feel confident when wearing any shirt. Not only that Ladies, slim body was also healthier you know. People who suffer from obesity aka overweight tend to be more susceptible to disease.
Lots of methods to lose weight ranging from diet, exercise, to surgery. This time Qwinn Treatment will try to present one natural way that you can try to lose weight, Ladies. The trick is to try this onion herb.

Weight Loss Up to 7kg A Month


🍒 8-10 red onion, peeled clean
🍒 8-10 garlic, peeled
🍒 2 tsp black pepper powder
🍒 1 liter of water

DIY Water Watermelon and Cucumber To Lose Weight

How to make:

🍒 Put water in a glass with a lid.
🍒 Put all the ingredients in the glass.
🍒 Slim Secrets, Here's Breakfast Every Morning Kendall Jenner
🍒 Cover and let stand for approximately 2 days.
🍒 Strain all ingredients and drink 1 cup of this mixture each mor…

Zumba Dance, The Benefits Are Not Just For Physical Health Only

Qwinn Treatment - This type of zumba dance sport certainly is not foreign to our ears, yes ladies. The sport that combines dance and aerobic movements accompanied by energetic music is indeed very exciting. In addition to exciting, zumba can also provide many health benefits.
Quoted from, a study says that doing zumba routine for 5 weeks not only make the body more fit. But it can also improve mental health and quality of life. Especially for you who work day-to-day with computers and lack of motion, zumba sports can be the best alternative to maintain body and mind health.

In the study, participants were people who had sedentari lifestyles (less mobile). Participants then followed the program to zumba for 5 weeks. They also feel that zumba is very useful to improve the quality of life, especially on aspects of emotion.
Lead researcher Yaira Barranco Ruiz of the University of Granada (UGR) in Spain said the emotion dimension that had been the lowest position at the beginni…

Benefits of Garlic, Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol In The Body

Qwinn Treatment - Garlic is not just used as herbs or cooking dishes so that every dish feels more delicious and evocative taste. Furthermore, garlic can be used as medicine for various health problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Garlic is a fat-fighting food that is dynamic and effective when used in raw or in the form of onion oil. Reported from the book Food & Juices for Health by Dr. Widjaja Kusuma, garlic has unique antibiotic properties. Nutrition contained in it can destroy the bacteria as well as stimulate the response of cleaning evil cells in the body.

Nutrition called allicin contained in it is believed to kill various bacteria cause various risks of disease in the body. Allicin helps prevent the development of cancer cells and tumors. Strong garlic extract can also restore pre-cancerous damage caused by free radicals.
Consumption of regular garlic 6 to 10 cloves according to experts can prevent us avoid the risk of cancer. Nutrients and vitamins in gar…

Slim Secrets, Here's Breakfast Every Morning Kendall Jenner

Qwinn Treatment - Every body is slim and sexy always has its own secrets, as well as owned by Kendall Jenner. Who does not know the pretty models of many of these famous fashion brands? Her beautiful face with a healthy slim body always attracts attention.

Kendal also have a way to keep his body shape to stay slim and fit, one of them with breakfast. Breakfast is not haphazard. In, Kendall's personal trainer revealed that the regular breakfast of this model consists of fiber-rich foods such as avocado and oatmeal.

Compared to eggs rich in protein and nutrients but rich in fat, Kendall prefers fiber-rich foods. With a breakfast of fibrous foods, he can reduce the desire to snack and not feel fatigue during exercise.
Not only that, the reason why he chose a high-fiber breakfast meal because he can be full longer. Every day, the schedule he has quite solid so often do not have time to eat lunch. By eating fibrous foods, he can move up to 5 to 6 pm without the need to eat…

DIY Water Watermelon and Cucumber To Lose Weight

Qwinn Treatment - Quoted from the page, drink watermelon and cucumber can lose weight well. It can also make your body become healthier again fit. Interestingly again, this will also make you have a healthy kidney. So, how to make watermelon and cucumber to lose this weight? Here are the ingredients you need to prepare and how to make it and when the right time to consume them.

1 slice of watermelon (approximately 100 grams, diced)1 cucumber (thinly sliced)10 sheets of mint leaf100 ml of waterA pinch of saltA pinch of black pepper
How to make
Enter the cucumber and watermelon in a container.Add water to it and add salt and black pepper. Stir well.Do not forget to include the mint leaves also into it. Stir well.Store in the refrigerator for about 30 to 1 hour.Drink water of watermelons and cucumbers before bed or after waking up to get maximum results.
Not only makes weight down naturally, this drink is also good for beauty and skin health. This drink is also ve…

Walking Can Give You Extraordinary Benefits

Qwinn Treatment - Walking is the most incredible type of sport compared to other sports. This sport is easy to do, simple, thrifty and can be done by all people, ranging from children to those who turns old age. Amazingly, you can do this sport whenever you want, whether it be morning, noon, afternoon or evening though.

However, the wonders of walking do not just stop there. Various studies that have been done about this sport show the unexpected benefits you can get by walking regularly. Hmm, what are the benefits?

Walking Can Give You Extraordinary Benefits

1. Strengthen your heart
Heart disease is the number 1 killer in the world, right?
Apparently this antidote is easy and practical that is walking! Yup, walking on a regular basis proved capable of providing tremendous impact on the heart and prevent stroke.
According to the Stroke Association walking for 30 minutes helps prevent and control high blood pressure which is the main cause of stroke. Even the effect of walking is claimed…

4 Good Foods For Hair Health

Qwinn Treatment - Hair becomes one of the necessary and important limbs treated nicely. It is also important to do the treatment from the inside ie with the consumption of various foods that are good for health and hair beauty.

Some of these 4 Good Foods For Hair Health

1. Spinach
Spinach is known as one of the vegetables that are rich in iron and various nutrients essential for hair health. Spinach also contains folic acid, vitamin C and beta carotene which helps maintain natural moist, soft hair and avoid the risk of branching.

2. Nuts
Various beans such as soybeans, peanuts, almonds, cashews and red beans contain protein, zinc, iron and biotin are quite abundant. Nutrition in these nuts helps to improve the dryness and prevent damage to the hair such as color damage, hair breaks, fall and hair branching.

3. Salmon
Salmon will be omega 3, vitamin B 12, protein, iron and other nutrients that are very good for healthy hair. Consumption of salmon or similar marine fish on a regular basis …

Drinking Coffee and Tea During Menstruation, Actually Can or Not?

Qwinn Treatment - Generally when menstruation, we are advised to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. As much as possible need to avoid the consumption of junk food or excessive instant food. Just never did you feel confused actually when menstruation may not drink tea and coffee?
For coffee, the effects may be different for everyone. If you are a coffee connoisseur, drinking enough coffee during menstruation may not be a problem. A glass of coffee can help boost energy and keep you excited about activities. But if menstrual pain is severe, less recommended to drink high caffeinated drinks.
One thing is for sure, when menstruation is strongly encouraged to drink more water. Can also consumption of bananas rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium are good for the body. Watermelon fruit is also quite recommended consumed during menstruation because it contains natural sugar and fiber is good for the body.
During consumption is not excessive, tea and coffee can st…

Most Sugar Consumption? Immediately Do It For Health Stay Awake

Qwinn Treatment - Ladies, have you ever snacking snack that is all sweet? Sugar is needed by the body. But if excessive consumption, the impact can be very negative for the health of the body.
Brierley Horton, MS, RD a Food and Nutrition Director of Cooking Light explains that most consume sugar can make blood sugar levels rise. The effect we will feel continue to be hungry and continue to eat sweet foods. This is why we often even difficult to stop eating when it is consuming that contains sugar. Immediately Do It For Health Stay Awake.

1. Eating Probiotic Food
To fix this, we can consume foods containing probiotics that contain good bacteria. Like Greek yogurt, yakult, yogurt fruits and kimchi.

2. Eating Foods Source of Protein and Fiber
Stabilize your blood sugar by eating foods that contain protein and fiber. Because if not balanced with protein and fiber, blood sugar can increase sharply and make us easy to feel hungry and want to eat steadily. Sources of protein that can be selecte…

How to Make Hair Mask With Brown Sugar, Let's Try!

Qwinn Treatment - Quoted from the page, one way to treat hair is to wear a brown sugar mask. Nutrition contained in brown sugar is believed to strengthen and dampen the hair.

How to Make Hair Mask With Brown Sugar, Let's Try!


🌼 2 tablespoons brown sugar (fine comb)
🌼 3 tablespoons olive oil
🌼 5 to 6 tablespoons fresh milk

How to Create and Application
Mix the brown sugar, olive oil and fresh milk in a container. Mix well to form a paste or mask. Wet your hair with a little water. Take the mask, apply evenly to the hair to the scalp. Scrub the red sugar mask over the scalp and gently massage. Allow the mask for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse hair using clean water until clean. Next, shampoo using shampoo as usual.

As a final touch, use natural oil hair that is coconut oil until blended.To get maximum results, do this treatment once in two weeks. Avoid doing this treatment too often because fear can cause irritation. Avoid rubbing or massaging the scalp roughly b…

Benefits of Vitamin C For Skin

Qwinn Treatment - Taking vitamin C orally can help improve the effectiveness of sunscreen that is applied to the skin as a protection against UV rays. Vitamin C can also help prevent the occurrence of signs of aging because it has a role in the formation of collagen in the skin. Adequate vitamin C intake can help improve and prevent dry skin.

Benefits of vitamin C for skin
Vitamin C is very beneficial for healthy, glowing, and youthful looking skin. Vitamin C has been widely used as a supplement or treatment action to help alleviate skin problems.

1. Heals damaged skin
Various factors can trigger skin damage, including dry weather, cold weather, or sun exposure. Dry skin can cause itching which can result in scarring or scarring of the skin. Consumption of foods that contain high vitamin C to help overcome dry skin by restoring the moisture of the lost skin. Vitamin C can also help produce collagen and prevent skin from becoming slack when it begins to lose its elasticity.

2. Reduce skin…

5 Important Things to Consider If Use Softlens

Qwinn Treatment - In order to look more beautiful, the eyes become one of the important points. Different ornaments for the eyes are needed for the eyes to look bigger, have a look sharp and charming. Softlens also seem to be needed so that the eyeball looks bigger and more amazing color.
But ladies, when you decide to use softlens either to beautify the eye or indeed as a substitute for glasses, be sure to always be careful in using softlens. Less caution in using softlens can be fatal for eye health.

Reported from the page, there are some things that must be considered when using softlens. Here's 5 Important Things to Consider If Use Softlens.

1. Avoid Wearing Softlens When Swimming
When swimming, be sure to avoid using softlens. Wearing softlens when swimming is feared causing bacteria and germs to enter the eye and then trapped with softlens. Conscious or not, there are many bacteria and germs that can get into the eye especially if the pool used is a swimming p…

Cure Fever and Cold with Garlic

Qwinn Treatment - Garlic is believed to help treat colds and fever because it can strengthen the body's immune system. Reporting from, garlic also has anti-bacterial, anti-virus and rich in antioxidants that can fight infections in the body's diseases. How to use garlic to cure fever and cold is quite easy, let us follow the Cure Fever and Cold with Garlic.

1. Garlic Consumed Directly
Can be consumed directly, how to chew 1 clove of garlic every 3-4 hours. Or if you do not want the aroma is not too sting in the mouth, puree first and then eat garlic directly.

2. Mixed with Honey or Olive Oil
Prepare 1 clove garlic, finely chopped then add 1 tablespoon honey or olive oil. Drink 3 times a day.

3. Mixed with Warm Water
Puree 3 cloves of garlic, then mix with half a glass of warm water. Drink once a day. Can also be twice a day.

4. Accompanied by a glass of Lemon Water
Prepare the lemon, take the juice and dissolve it with a glass of water. You can drink it after chewin…

Most Overworked, Beware Of These Risk Diseases

Qwinn Treatment - As long as the overtime is not excessive, in the sense that it still gives us enough rest time, it probably will not have a negative impact. But if working overtime is mostly, be careful with a number of risk of diseases that lurk.
Overtime work generally causes us to sleep less. The impact of emotions so difficult to control, easily frustrated, impatient and often nervous. Not to mention the effects of stress caused. When the mind is stressed, the body becomes vulnerable.

As reported by, a study published in The Lancet found a link between people who worked more than 55 hours per week and the risk of cardiovascular disease. People who worked more than 55 hours per week had a 33% risk of stroke and 13% were at risk for coronary heart disease compared to those who worked 35-40 hours per week.

It also deals with a number of habits that accompany overtime work, such as sitting for hours and the stress experienced by working overtime. The combination of these co…

Vegetable Consumption Bitter Gourd Can Lower Blood Sugar In The Body, Is This True?

Qwinn Treatment - The rise in blood sugar in the body to increase the risk of diabetes is an important thing to worry about and prevented. Fix patterns of living and eating patterns became one of the most common ways to keep your blood sugar in the body remains stable. While to lower blood sugar, quoted from the page, we can use vegetable bitter gourd ladies.
Experts reveal if the nutrients and vitamins that are contained in the bitter herbs of this potent lower blood sugar. The nutrients in vegetables is also beneficial to control blood sugar levels and cholesterol in the body.

Vegetable consumption bitter gourd routinely at least 1 week once very helpful to solve the problem of excess blood sugar in the body. Most of the research to find if the active substances in vegetables can pare production to minimize the Alpha glucosidase enzyme. When this enzyme can be minimized as best as possible, it will be useful to prevent the occurrence of surges in blood sugar causes diabe…

3 Key Prevents Diabetes in Women

Qwinn Treatment - Diabetes is a lifelong disease that is caused by high levels of sugar in the blood. This happens because the body cannot produce enough insulin or the body's many cannot use it properly.
Insulin itself is a type of hormone that is produced by the pancreas. Its main function is to channel the glucose from the blood into the cells to be used as energy. However, if there is a shortage of insulin so glucose buildup will occur in the blood.
Whether diabetes could be prevented? Precaution is always there. And generally, like the one offered by, to avoid diabetes, there are three important things that need to be done. Just follow the detailed info here.

3 Key Prevents Diabetes in Women

👉 Keep The Weight Off, Not To Overweight
The main factors the causes of diabetes are overweight. The more fatty tissue in the body, then the body will be the more insulin resistant performance. Especially if the belly, the risk of developing diabetes pun would be higher.

👉 Ke…

Less Vitamin D Cause Women Are Angry When PMS

Qwinn Treatment - A healthy body is obtained from adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. One of the necessary vitamins is vitamin D. Vitamin D is a good nutrition that the body needs and is useful for the formation of hormones in the human body.
Unfortunately, worldwide, an estimated 1 billion people are still low in vitamin D intake and underestimate this important vitamin. Well, this vitamin is very important for women.

When the body lacks vitamin D, you will be susceptible to depression, backache, obesity, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, gum disease, premenstrual syndrome, asthma, bronchitis, hypertension and diabetes. This is why people who are easily emotional and angry before menstruation, may be less vitamin D.

This vitamin can be obtained from animal foods such as dairy products, deep-sea fish, meat, egg yolks, beef liver, and so forth. You are also advised to often sunbathe in the morning to get sunlight which is a natural source of vitamin D.

7 Things to Avoid After Facial

Qwinn Treatment - Ladies, do you regularly do facials? Facial is a beauty treatment in which facial skin will be exfoliated with the aim of making skin look so healthy, fresh, and younger. Facial is not done every day, because if you do every day will only damage the skin.
But do you know if there are things that should be avoided after the facial? To get optimal results, we need to avoid things that should not be done after facials, like some of the following.

7 Things to Avoid After Facial

1. Exfoliate
Do not exfoliate after facials, yes ladies. The exfoliation process that removes dead skin cells on the facial surface after facial is feared will actually damage the skin and cause acne. If you want to exfoliate, at least do 3 days after the facial.

2. Facial Steam (Face Steam)
Facial steam was believed to be cope with skin breakouts or blackheads. But do not do after facial. To be safe, facial steam should only be done a week after the facial.

3. Using Makeup (Thick Face Makeup)
Within …

For Your Health, Drink Water First Before Coffee & Tea

Qwinn Treatment - Drinking coffee or tea for some people is a daily habit or daily ritual. Even a new one can feel energized after coffee or tea in the morning. There is also a new feeling to be able to concentrate after enjoying a glass of coffee or warm tea.
But do you know if we should drink water first before coffee or tea? Coffee and tea content can provide positive benefits for the body, as long as the consumption is not excessive. And for health, it is advisable to drink water before drinking tea or coffee.

Why drink water first?
Tea and coffee are made from natural ingredients, such as tea leaves and coffee beans. Both contain caffeine, it's just the caffeine content in coffee more than tea. Quoted from, caffeine is a content that can increase energy and can make us more active and awake. Only if excessive consumption can give negative effects on the body like heart problems.
Experts then recommend to drink a glass of water first before coffee or ngeteh to thin …

Relieves Stuffy Nose By Washing Your Nose With Salt Water

Qwinn Treatment - It must be very tortured when the nasal congestion isn't it? Especially when it's time to sleep. Duh, it must be hard to breathe. Sleep was so very uncomfortable because it must find the right position.
For those of you who have experienced this, there are some tips that you can try to ease the torture of this Ladies. Nasal congestion occurs when the tissues and blood vessels that are around the nose become swollen due to excess fluid. You can relieve it by washing your nose with salt water.
The trick is very easy Ladies. Prepare three teaspoons of salt and one teaspoon of baking soda. Mix well these two ingredients, then store them in an airtight container. After that mix a teaspoon mixed with 230 ml of warm water. After that lean into the sink while tilting your head. Pour a little solution into one of the nostrils and let it drain out from the other nostrils. Well during this process you are advised to breathe through the mouth.

This method will help you reli…

7 Diet Tips for Women Age 20

Qwinn Treatment - When we are in our 20s, we will start to be preoccupied with many things. Starting from work affairs and for those who are married will be busy with various household affairs. With all the busyness, sometimes the pattern of life so not healthy and weight is no longer well controlled. Lose weight at age 20 can be felt more difficult. But that does not mean it can not be done. There are effective tips that can be tried to lose weight at the age of 20. Read more, let's say one by one here.

👉 Reduce Sugar Intake
In the past you may be free to eat all the sweet, now is the time to reduce it. Limit your sugar intake to your food and drink. Quoted from, Steven E. Nissen, head of cardiovascular treatment at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation explained that excess intake of sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes that trigger heart disease. So it is important to limit sugar intake especially when it is entering the age of 20.

👉 Portion Control
Diet does not mean you…

Drinking This Herbal Tea Apparently Helps Cure Stubborn Acne

Qwinn Treatment - Acne problems are endless. After one is eradicated and lost, the other 'friends' come back again. Often experience something like this? Maybe it's time you try to eradicate acne by treating it from within the body. In addition to avoiding acne trigger foods, you can begin to consume herbal tea that is known to overcome acne. Tea is rich in anti-oxidants not only able to protect the skin from free radicals, but also provides anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties on the skin. But keep in mind, not just any tea that can give good benefits on the skin, if you want acne problems subsided at least you need to regularly consume one of several types of tea following.

Drinking This Herbal Tea Apparently Helps Cure Stubborn Acne

1. Green Tea
It's no secret that green tea has many benefits to the body because of its high anti-oxidant content, but what people rarely know is that green tea can help get rid of acne. This is evidenced through a study conducted b…

Warm Lemon Tea Recipes

Qwinn Treatment - Winter has arrived. Then you need to maintain stamina to avoid various diseases such as flu and cough. Well, one way to prevent the flu is to drink warm drinks. Like the recipe from Arista Hilman, quoted from the following cookpad.
Let's, ladies make Orange Spice Tea, which can warm the body due to uncertain weather.

- 2 teabag bag
- 1 stem of lemongrass
- 1 segment of ginger3 baby oranges, squeeze the water
- 6 teaspoons of granulated sugar
- 450 ml of water

How to make:
- Boil water with lemongrass, ginger that has been contaminated. Cook in a covered pan.
- After boiling, add tea. Let stand for a moment until the water changes color.
- Serve by pouring herb tea with lemon juice. Add sugar or honey.
- Orange Spice Tea is ready to be served.

Easy isn't it? Good luck and hope family likes.

Relieving Breath When Flu With Ginger Potion

Qwinn Treatment - The rain that never subsided and flushed every day would make the flu easy to attack Ladies. If you have a cold and have a nasal congestion, want to do anything so uncomfortable. Just breathing hard to ask for mercy, doing activities as usual would not be comfortable right?
Well, the nasal congestion when the flu is caused by blood vessels inflamed causing swelling in the tissue lining the nose. In addition to taking flu medicine, you can also relieve respiration by drinking this traditional ingredient that you know.

Relieving Breath When Flu With Ginger Potion

Set up:

✿ ginger
✿ honey
✿ water
The way is quite easy Ladies. Pound ginger roughly, then boil with a cup of water, until the volume of water is reduced by half, then add honey. Drink while hot before bed.
With the right treatment, the flu will not last long in your body Ladies. Hopefully these tips help you feel better in the flu. Good luck.

Results of Studies, Stop Snacking Savory and Salty Is with Spicy Food

Qwinn Treatment - For those of you who like snacking, whether it's sweet or salty tasty, maybe you want to eliminate your snacking habits for this because the weight increases? The way is easy, if you like to eat spicy.
Because a study published in the journal Hypertension revealed that how to get rid of the habit of snacking sweet and salty is to eat spicy foods. Research conducted in China involving 600 people is doing analysis on the brains of participants with PET / CT scans.

Researchers found there are parts of the brain that are stimulated by the intake of opposite salty and spicy foods. Apparently, eating spicy foods effectively increases the sensitivity to saltiness, which helps reduce appetite for salty foods.
Research author and professor and director of the Department of Hypertension and Endocrinology in China, Dr. Zhiming Zhu, said that spicy food can trick the brain so we do not want to eat salty food.

Researchers found that people who like to eat spicy food was eatin…

5 Ways to Maximize the Walking Feet, Let It Slim

Qwinn Treatment - If you again talk about business slimming fast, usually we immediately thought to do a heavy exercise that is very draining. But never did you think that by maximizing daily activities such as walking can really help to lose weight more effectively?

Yes, walking if maximized can be very helpful to lose weight, you know. The body becomes slimmer and healthier. Here are five ways you can try to maximize your walking activities every day. Let's find out!

1. Walking 20 Minutes After Eating
Launched from, walking 15-20 minutes after eating can help blood sugar levels remain stable compared to walking 45 minutes a day. In other words, try to take 20 minutes to walk three times a day to maintain health. So do not have to walk a full hour at a time, mending "installment" 20 minutes but three times a day.

2. Balance with enough Drinking Water
Consuming more water is believed to speed up the process of losing weight. Consuming 1.5 liters of water per day …