7 Things to Avoid After Facial

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Qwinn Treatment - Ladies, do you regularly do facials? Facial is a beauty treatment in which facial skin will be exfoliated with the aim of making skin look so healthy, fresh, and younger. Facial is not done every day, because if you do every day will only damage the skin.
But do you know if there are things that should be avoided after the facial? To get optimal results, we need to avoid things that should not be done after facials, like some of the following.

7 Things to Avoid After Facial

1. Exfoliate
Do not exfoliate after facials, yes ladies. The exfoliation process that removes dead skin cells on the facial surface after facial is feared will actually damage the skin and cause acne. If you want to exfoliate, at least do 3 days after the facial.

2. Facial Steam (Face Steam)
Facial steam was believed to be cope with skin breakouts or blackheads. But do not do after facial. To be safe, facial steam should only be done a week after the facial.

3. Using Makeup (Thick Face Makeup)
Within 72 hours after the facial, do not wear makeup or makeup first. Let the facial skin condition improve first after the facial.

4. Massaging Faces
After facials, direct face massage? Be careful of the negative impact it can cause infection and acne. Give a pause one week after facial if you want to massage the face. And do not squeeze pimples after facials as it will make the infection as well.

5. Exposed to Direct Sunlight Exposure
After facial, the skin will be more sensitive. If exposed to direct sun exposure, the skin can be more sensitive.

6. Wearing Mask
Although wearing a mask is one way to take care of the face. But do not do after facial. If you want to use a mask again, do a week after the facial.

7. Waxing or Threading
The skin can be sensitive and reddish when you do waxing or threadings after facial. Instead of waxing or threading is done before the facial to maintain skin health and beauty.

Well, that's seven things that should be avoided after facials, yes ladies. Hopefully the info is useful.


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