Benefits of Garlic, Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol In The Body

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Qwinn Treatment - Garlic is not just used as herbs or cooking dishes so that every dish feels more delicious and evocative taste. Furthermore, garlic can be used as medicine for various health problems such as high blood pressure and cholesterol.
Garlic is a fat-fighting food that is dynamic and effective when used in raw or in the form of onion oil. Reported from the book Food & Juices for Health by Dr. Widjaja Kusuma, garlic has unique antibiotic properties. Nutrition contained in it can destroy the bacteria as well as stimulate the response of cleaning evil cells in the body.

Nutrition called allicin contained in it is believed to kill various bacteria cause various risks of disease in the body. Allicin helps prevent the development of cancer cells and tumors. Strong garlic extract can also restore pre-cancerous damage caused by free radicals.
Consumption of regular garlic 6 to 10 cloves according to experts can prevent us avoid the risk of cancer. Nutrients and vitamins in garlic also lower blood pressure and cholesterol more stable. This food serves as a strong anticoagulant where it can lower the risk of blood clotting, launching the circulatory system and preventing stroke.

This compound is also very good in launching the circulatory system in the body. Because of the amazing benefits of garlic, it is recommended that we consume garlic regularly. Consumption of garlic can be when raw onions, made spices or just cooking.


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