Drinking Coffee and Tea During Menstruation, Actually Can or Not?

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Qwinn Treatment - Generally when menstruation, we are advised to increase the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. As much as possible need to avoid the consumption of junk food or excessive instant food. Just never did you feel confused actually when menstruation may not drink tea and coffee?
For coffee, the effects may be different for everyone. If you are a coffee connoisseur, drinking enough coffee during menstruation may not be a problem. A glass of coffee can help boost energy and keep you excited about activities. But if menstrual pain is severe, less recommended to drink high caffeinated drinks.
One thing is for sure, when menstruation is strongly encouraged to drink more water. Can also consumption of bananas rich in vitamin B6, magnesium, and potassium are good for the body. Watermelon fruit is also quite recommended consumed during menstruation because it contains natural sugar and fiber is good for the body.
During consumption is not excessive, tea and coffee can still be enjoyed during menstruation. Try to also rest and sleep enough during menstruation so that the body is not easy to drop, yes ladies.


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