Drinking This Herbal Tea Apparently Helps Cure Stubborn Acne

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Qwinn Treatment - Acne problems are endless. After one is eradicated and lost, the other 'friends' come back again. Often experience something like this? Maybe it's time you try to eradicate acne by treating it from within the body. In addition to avoiding acne trigger foods, you can begin to consume herbal tea that is known to overcome acne. Tea is rich in anti-oxidants not only able to protect the skin from free radicals, but also provides anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties on the skin. But keep in mind, not just any tea that can give good benefits on the skin, if you want acne problems subsided at least you need to regularly consume one of several types of tea following.

Drinking This Herbal Tea Apparently Helps Cure Stubborn Acne

1. Green Tea
It's no secret that green tea has many benefits to the body because of its high anti-oxidant content, but what people rarely know is that green tea can help get rid of acne. This is evidenced through a study conducted by National Yang Ming University, Taiwan. Mentioned very high anti-oxidant content in green tea produces anti-microbial ability that helps the body fight bacteria and infection, so the skin is free from acne.

2. Flower Tea Rosela or Hibiscus
Hibiscus is referred to as "Botox Plant" because of its ability to increase elasticity and protect the face from free radicals. By drinking hibiscus tea, your skin will get the nutrients and moisture from within. Hibiscus is also often used as a hypertension drug that lowers a person's stress level, where high stress levels can increase oil production on the face and result in acne breakouts.

3. Red Clover Tea
Red clover is a wild plant whose flowers are often used as herbal medicine because it is rich in various nutrients, including vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Red clover can work to clean the flow of blood and liver and remove toxins from the body that helps to relieve acne on your skin and prevent it coming back.

4. Spearmint Tea
Do not be mistaken, spearmint tea was different from peppermint tea. Spearmint can slow the oxidation of fat and prevent scarring. This has been proven through a study, and found the fact that spearmint tea has the ability to lower levels of androgen hormones, which triggers acne in women.

Well that he various types of tea called able to cope and cure acne. From now on balance the treatment from outside and in the body, so that skin problems can be resolved soon.


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