For Your Health, Drink Water First Before Coffee & Tea

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Qwinn Treatment - Drinking coffee or tea for some people is a daily habit or daily ritual. Even a new one can feel energized after coffee or tea in the morning. There is also a new feeling to be able to concentrate after enjoying a glass of coffee or warm tea.
But do you know if we should drink water first before coffee or tea? Coffee and tea content can provide positive benefits for the body, as long as the consumption is not excessive. And for health, it is advisable to drink water before drinking tea or coffee.

Why drink water first?
Tea and coffee are made from natural ingredients, such as tea leaves and coffee beans. Both contain caffeine, it's just the caffeine content in coffee more than tea. Quoted from, caffeine is a content that can increase energy and can make us more active and awake. Only if excessive consumption can give negative effects on the body like heart problems.
Experts then recommend to drink a glass of water first before coffee or ngeteh to thin the viscosity of caffeine and reduce the harmful effects. In addition, the pH level of coffee is 5 and tea is 6. In other words, coffee and tea both have high acid levels. Excessive consumption can cause health problems, such as heartburn, colon cancer, stomach wall problems, and so on.

Coffee and tea in moderation
Anything if consumed in excess can have a negative effect on health. Including about coffee and ngeteh. If you have a habit of drinking coffee or tea, balance it with sufficient fluid needs well and healthy food consumption yes.

From now, let's try to get used to drink a glass of water first before coffee and tea. Hopefully useful info, ladies.


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