How to Make Hair Mask With Brown Sugar, Let's Try!

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Qwinn Treatment - Quoted from the page, one way to treat hair is to wear a brown sugar mask. Nutrition contained in brown sugar is believed to strengthen and dampen the hair.

How to Make Hair Mask With Brown Sugar, Let's Try!


🌼 2 tablespoons brown sugar (fine comb)
🌼 3 tablespoons olive oil
🌼 5 to 6 tablespoons fresh milk

How to Create and Application
Mix the brown sugar, olive oil and fresh milk in a container. Mix well to form a paste or mask. Wet your hair with a little water. Take the mask, apply evenly to the hair to the scalp. Scrub the red sugar mask over the scalp and gently massage. Allow the mask for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse hair using clean water until clean. Next, shampoo using shampoo as usual.

As a final touch, use natural oil hair that is coconut oil until blended.To get maximum results, do this treatment once in two weeks. Avoid doing this treatment too often because fear can cause irritation. Avoid rubbing or massaging the scalp roughly because it is feared red sugar grains can injure the scalp.

How to treat hair for strong and dense, very easy is not it? Interested in trying? I hope this information is helpful.


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