Most Sugar Consumption? Immediately Do It For Health Stay Awake

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Qwinn Treatment - Ladies, have you ever snacking snack that is all sweet? Sugar is needed by the body. But if excessive consumption, the impact can be very negative for the health of the body.
Brierley Horton, MS, RD a Food and Nutrition Director of Cooking Light explains that most consume sugar can make blood sugar levels rise. The effect we will feel continue to be hungry and continue to eat sweet foods. This is why we often even difficult to stop eating when it is consuming that contains sugar. Immediately Do It For Health Stay Awake.

1. Eating Probiotic Food
To fix this, we can consume foods containing probiotics that contain good bacteria. Like Greek yogurt, yakult, yogurt fruits and kimchi.

2. Eating Foods Source of Protein and Fiber
Stabilize your blood sugar by eating foods that contain protein and fiber. Because if not balanced with protein and fiber, blood sugar can increase sharply and make us easy to feel hungry and want to eat steadily. Sources of protein that can be selected are eggs and peanut butter. Various vegetables and fruits that are rich in fiber can be a safe choice.

3. Doing Yoga Sports or Lightweight Stretching
Did you know that 80% of people will eat more sweet foods when under stress? A study from the University of California, Davis found that when women who are stressed drink sweet drinks, the body's response to stress can be more severe. So it's good to do yoga or light stretching after eating sweet foods, so that the appetite can be stabilized again.

4. Walking Relax
If you already feel the excess of a sweet meal, try to take a few minutes to walk. Move the body and relax the muscles of the body to restore the appetite stable. In addition, walking can also be one easy way to burn calories from food that has been consumed more quickly.

It is okay to eat a sweet, but there is also a limit. And if you already feel excessive, try to do the ways above to maintain the condition of your body health. Hopefully the info is useful.


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