Relieving Breath When Flu With Ginger Potion

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Qwinn Treatment - The rain that never subsided and flushed every day would make the flu easy to attack Ladies. If you have a cold and have a nasal congestion, want to do anything so uncomfortable. Just breathing hard to ask for mercy, doing activities as usual would not be comfortable right?
Well, the nasal congestion when the flu is caused by blood vessels inflamed causing swelling in the tissue lining the nose. In addition to taking flu medicine, you can also relieve respiration by drinking this traditional ingredient that you know.

Relieving Breath When Flu With Ginger Potion

Set up:

✿ ginger
✿ honey
✿ water
      The way is quite easy Ladies. Pound ginger roughly, then boil with a cup of water, until the volume of water is reduced by half, then add honey. Drink while hot before bed.
      With the right treatment, the flu will not last long in your body Ladies. Hopefully these tips help you feel better in the flu. Good luck.


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