Results of Studies, Stop Snacking Savory and Salty Is with Spicy Food

Stop Snacking Savory and Salty Is with Spicy Food
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Qwinn Treatment - For those of you who like snacking, whether it's sweet or salty tasty, maybe you want to eliminate your snacking habits for this because the weight increases? The way is easy, if you like to eat spicy.
Because a study published in the journal Hypertension revealed that how to get rid of the habit of snacking sweet and salty is to eat spicy foods. Research conducted in China involving 600 people is doing analysis on the brains of participants with PET / CT scans.

Researchers found there are parts of the brain that are stimulated by the intake of opposite salty and spicy foods. Apparently, eating spicy foods effectively increases the sensitivity to saltiness, which helps reduce appetite for salty foods.
Research author and professor and director of the Department of Hypertension and Endocrinology in China, Dr. Zhiming Zhu, said that spicy food can trick the brain so we do not want to eat salty food.

Researchers found that people who like to eat spicy food was eating 2.5 grams of salt less salty food than those who do not like spicy. Their blood pressure is also more stable and in good health than those who prefer salty snacking.

So, if you like snacking, try to eat spicy food from now to reduce snacking desire.


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