Slim Secrets, Here's Breakfast Every Morning Kendall Jenner

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Qwinn Treatment - Every body is slim and sexy always has its own secrets, as well as owned by Kendall Jenner. Who does not know the pretty models of many of these famous fashion brands? Her beautiful face with a healthy slim body always attracts attention.

Kendal also have a way to keep his body shape to stay slim and fit, one of them with breakfast. Breakfast is not haphazard. In, Kendall's personal trainer revealed that the regular breakfast of this model consists of fiber-rich foods such as avocado and oatmeal.

Compared to eggs rich in protein and nutrients but rich in fat, Kendall prefers fiber-rich foods. With a breakfast of fibrous foods, he can reduce the desire to snack and not feel fatigue during exercise.
Not only that, the reason why he chose a high-fiber breakfast meal because he can be full longer. Every day, the schedule he has quite solid so often do not have time to eat lunch. By eating fibrous foods, he can move up to 5 to 6 pm without the need to eat again.

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Kendall is snacking on the sidelines of a dense activity such as eating almonds or drinking juice, but the most important food for her is at breakfast. In order to get a taut and slim body it seems, Kendall reduce fatty foods and switch to high fiber foods.

So, if you want to have a slim body like Kendall Jenner, do not forget breakfast ladies, and make sure the food is rich in fiber.


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