Strawberry and Cucumber Water, Healthy Weight Loss Drink

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Qwinn Treatment - As we know, there are plenty of detox foods and drinks that can make the body healthy and the fat in it can burn properly so as not to cause obesity.
Talk about drinks that can lose weight, quoted from the page, there are healthy drinks that we can make yourself at home in order to lose weight. Not only lose weight, this drink is also good for skin beauty, improve memory capacity of the brain and blood circulation.

How to make Strawberry & Cucumber Weight Loss Drink

⇒ 1 cucumber fruit
⇒ 7 strawberries
⇒ 9 mint leaves
⇒ A pinch of salt
⇒ 3 glasses of water

The trick is:
➤ Slice thin cucumber fruit or strawberry fruit.
➤ Also prepare mint leaves and salt. Puree both the material and strain the water.
➤ Put all ingredients into the water provided. It is recommended that we put it in a glass bottle.
➤ Put it in the refrigerator to make it fresher before serving.
➤ Strawberry and cucumber water was ready to be served and ready to be used as a weight loss drink.

Well, for you who want to lose weight, don't forget to make and consume this drink as well. I hope this information is helpful.


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