Walking Can Give You Extraordinary Benefits

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Qwinn Treatment - Walking is the most incredible type of sport compared to other sports. This sport is easy to do, simple, thrifty and can be done by all people, ranging from children to those who turns old age. Amazingly, you can do this sport whenever you want, whether it be morning, noon, afternoon or evening though.

However, the wonders of walking do not just stop there. Various studies that have been done about this sport show the unexpected benefits you can get by walking regularly. Hmm, what are the benefits?

Walking Can Give You Extraordinary Benefits

1. Strengthen your heart
Heart disease is the number 1 killer in the world, right?
Apparently this antidote is easy and practical that is walking! Yup, walking on a regular basis proved capable of providing tremendous impact on the heart and prevent stroke.
According to the Stroke Association walking for 30 minutes helps prevent and control high blood pressure which is the main cause of stroke. Even the effect of walking is claimed to reduce the likelihood of stroke as much as 27 percent.

2. Reduce the Risk of Various Other Diseases
A study conducted by the British Medical Journal and Walking For Health, said that walking regularly will reduce the risk of diabetes by 60%, reduce asthma, and reduce the risk of uterine cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer by 20 percent.

3. Maintain Weight Loss
Walking is an easy way to burn calories, which also means an easy way to lose weight. People weighing 60 kg, will burn 100 calories just by walking for 30 minutes.
4. Prevent Dementia/senility
Dementia is a memory degradation disease in a person due to an aging age factor and from 6 people aged 80 found 1 person who suffered from dementia. And according to Age UK, walking regularly proved able to delay the signs of this dementia disease.

Hopefully the info is useful.


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