Warm Lemon Tea Recipes

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Qwinn Treatment - Winter has arrived. Then you need to maintain stamina to avoid various diseases such as flu and cough. Well, one way to prevent the flu is to drink warm drinks. Like the recipe from Arista Hilman, quoted from the following cookpad.
Let's, ladies make Orange Spice Tea, which can warm the body due to uncertain weather.

- 2 teabag bag
- 1 stem of lemongrass
- 1 segment of ginger3 baby oranges, squeeze the water
- 6 teaspoons of granulated sugar
- 450 ml of water

How to make:
- Boil water with lemongrass, ginger that has been contaminated. Cook in a covered pan.
- After boiling, add tea. Let stand for a moment until the water changes color.
- Serve by pouring herb tea with lemon juice. Add sugar or honey.
- Orange Spice Tea is ready to be served.

Easy isn't it? Good luck and hope family likes.


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