Weight Loss Up to 7kg A Month With This Onion

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Qwinn Treatment - The issue about losing weight is still a topic that is often discussed by women. A slim body will definitely make the women feel confident when wearing any shirt. Not only that Ladies, slim body was also healthier you know. People who suffer from obesity aka overweight tend to be more susceptible to disease.
Lots of methods to lose weight ranging from diet, exercise, to surgery. This time Qwinn Treatment will try to present one natural way that you can try to lose weight, Ladies. The trick is to try this onion herb.

Weight Loss Up to 7kg A Month


🍒 8-10 red onion, peeled clean
🍒 8-10 garlic, peeled
🍒 2 tsp black pepper powder
🍒 1 liter of water

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How to make:

🍒 Put water in a glass with a lid.
🍒 Put all the ingredients in the glass.
🍒 Slim Secrets, Here's Breakfast Every Morning Kendall Jenner
🍒 Cover and let stand for approximately 2 days.
🍒 Strain all ingredients and drink 1 cup of this mixture each morning before breakfast for a month.

This mixture will be able to lose weight up to 7 kg in a month. This drink can help dissolve fat cells in the body. These drinks are rich in certain acids and antioxidants that can combat fat accumulation. This onion herb will also be able to increase the metabolic rate so that body weight drops faster.

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