Zumba Dance, The Benefits Are Not Just For Physical Health Only

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Qwinn Treatment - This type of zumba dance sport certainly is not foreign to our ears, yes ladies. The sport that combines dance and aerobic movements accompanied by energetic music is indeed very exciting. In addition to exciting, zumba can also provide many health benefits.
Quoted from boldsky.com, a study says that doing zumba routine for 5 weeks not only make the body more fit. But it can also improve mental health and quality of life. Especially for you who work day-to-day with computers and lack of motion, zumba sports can be the best alternative to maintain body and mind health.

In the study, participants were people who had sedentari lifestyles (less mobile). Participants then followed the program to zumba for 5 weeks. They also feel that zumba is very useful to improve the quality of life, especially on aspects of emotion.
Lead researcher Yaira Barranco Ruiz of the University of Granada (UGR) in Spain said the emotion dimension that had been the lowest position at the beginning of the exercise program was the highest at the end of the exercise. Even 2 months after the program is over, the emotion dimension is still the same as it was at the beginning of the program.

Zumba exercise can affect a number of aspects of quality of life, including social, emotional, mental health, to overall health. An active and energetic zumba movement can have a tremendous positive effect for peace of mind and mental.

So, when are you going to routine zumba sports again?


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