Anti Fat Lunch? Try This Menu!

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Qwinn Treatment - Lunch is a must-do moment to have a healthy body as well as awake. But not infrequently because tired of working from morning until noon, making someone eat with food potluck even that contain high fat. For those of you who want to eat delicious and nutritious ready as well as good for the continuity of the diet, quoted from are 4 types of food that can be tried every day.

Anti Fat Lunch Try This Menu!

🍥 Bake Salmon
Fish contains a lot of omega 3 and nutrients that have a delicious flavor is also delicious. Grilled salmon can be a delicious lunch. Add vegetables and tomato sauce and chili sauce for a more solid taste on the tongue.

🍲 Kimchi Salad
If you are bored with fruit salad and also vegetable salad. Delicious lunch you can get from kimchi salad. The spicy, savory and sweet taste of Kimchi is perfect for your tongue at lunch time. Add vegetable spinach, cucumber, grated carrots, brown rice rice as a tray of Kimchi salad. This one-day lunch is low in calories and fat so it's good for lunch.

🍞 Wheat bread
Wheat bread can be an option for a delicious and delicious lunch. Combine wheat bread with avocado to get the sweet taste that fits in the mouth. Wheat bread has fewer calories but provides nutrients to the body. While the avocado makes the stomach full quickly. Fat in avocado fruit is a healthy fat that is suitable for someone who is on a diet.

🌿 Broccoli And Olive Fruits
Broccoli and olives are a fairly simple type of food. But when you use it as a lunch with green beans, spinach salad, sweet potatoes, and mackerel can create delicious and delicious flavors for lunch. Add chopped beef and stir-fried chicken to give a special flavor.

That's it. Happy lunch anti fat, ladies.


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