Beware, Sleeping Too Late Can Trigger Heart Disease!

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Qwinn Treatment - Ladies, the right sleeping hour will greatly affect health. Normally suppose to sleep 7-8 hours a day. However, due to a variety of very busy busyness, sometimes sleep hours can be reduced. Reduced sleeping hours are very impact on health and can even cause various dangerous diseases.
In one study found that those who slept less than six hours had a 50% greater risk of heart attack and 15% greater risk of stroke than those who slept sufficiently. Lack of sleep will disrupt the balance of two important hormones namely ghrelin and leptin, which control appetite.
Those who sleep less tend to eat more and are at risk of obesity plus high blood pressure and heart disease risk. do not stop here alone, those who sleep less are also at risk of diabetes because of an unhealthy lifestyle.
Well, as much as possible you should get used to sleep enough Ladies. Do not force yourself and learn to start a healthier lifestyle for the good of your body.


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