DIY Whitening Tooth Recipe

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Qwinn Treatment - If you want to have teeth that are whiter, clean and well groomed, let's do dental treatment with natural ingredients of lemon and ladies salt. Quoted from the page, the nutrients contained in the lemon salt is also very good at fixing the problem of yellow teeth. Nutrition contained in it also powerful whiten teeth in an instant.

Like how to care for teeth to be more white with lemon and salt? Check out the following. Here DIY Whitening Tooth Recipe.

Set it up
👉 1 lemon
👉 1 tsp fine salt

👉 How to make 👈
🍒 Squeeze lemon juice, strain and mix with salt.
🍒 Make sure salt dissolves well into lemon water.
🍒 Use this lemon and salt mixture as a toothpaste.
🍒 Brush your teeth gently and evenly for about 5 minutes.
🍒 If you have, rinse with water until clean.
🍒 Next, brush your teeth back using regular toothpaste that you use everyday, gargle-rinse until clean.

This simple way, you not only get clean and white teeth ladies only. Furthermore, you can also get brilliant teeth. Do this one to two times a week. But do not do it too often yes, because this can cause a layer of protective enamel teeth eroded or porous.

Hopefully these tips useful.


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