Overcome Constipation With Aloevera

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Qwinn Treatment - Constipation or difficult bowel disrupt your activities. Constipation is a sign that you lack fiber, and lack of water intake. How to prevent constipation is to eat fibrous foods, drink enough water and do not delay to defecate.
But calm down, there is a natural way to treat constipation is by consuming aloe vera. In addition to fertilize aloe vera hair turned out to have efficacy to overcome your constipation. But you need to be careful, antraquinone laxatives available on aloe vera is very high, so use as wise as possible.

How to make constipation drugs from aloevera as quoted from webmd.com is as follows:

🌼 Take one aloe vera, peel the skin, then wash and sliced into small pieces.
🌼 Brewed with hot water, to disguise the bitterness you can add honey.
🌼 Drink while still warm.

The important thing is, always keep the diet and eat foods that can meet your daily nutrition. Hopefully useful, ladies.


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