Treat Pain Herbal Drinks Cough with Lemon & Honey

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Qwinn Treatment - If you or your family suffering from coughs and runny nose, try not to take drugs directly from ladies chemicals. Try to treat it by drinking herbal medicine cough and break enough. Launched from the page, there are many natural ingredients that can be used for cough medicine. Some of them are lemon and honey.
Nutrients contained in these two natural ingredients boost immunity, killing bacteria that cause coughs and colds and treat dizziness. How to make this drink for cough medicine? Check out the following.

Herbal Drinks Cough with Lemon & Honey

🍹 1 lemon (take the water)
🍹 1 segment of ginger (crushing)
🍹 Honey (to taste, about 7 to 8 tbsp)
🍹 1 cup water

How to make
Boil water with ginger until boiling. Put lemon and honey water into it. Mix well until all ingredients are mixed together. Cook back with a small fire to boil. Pour into a serving glass and wait until warm. Drink while still warm for cough and cold.
Drink this herb at least 2 to 3 times a day for maximum results. Not only useful to treat coughs and colds, this herb is also beneficial to lose weight, increase endurance to ward off the risk of cancer and good for skin health.

I hope this information is helpful.


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